Kelly (holdingbeverage) wrote,

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Heart Exhaustion

I'm tired. I can't sleep though.  The temp agency I signed up with offered me a job in SANTA FE. That is a 2 hour drive one way from my house. I mean COME ON I even specified NO JOBS IN SF at the interview. Give me a break. THEN the company I applied for a job with in MARCH that I called like six times called me this week and asked me questions. They said if they wanted me to come in for an interview they would call. They wont call. She didnt seem thrilled that I had no customer service experience.  It was a customer care associate or something like that. Blah.  Ive been so tired this week. I set my alarm for 8am, and im so dead asleep i dont hear it. I get up at 11:30. Today I got up, ate, took a nap for an hour, and ate again...and im tired again. Im like AWAKE....but im tired.

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