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Live from Cricketville!

Yeah, the outside of my house is covered with crickets. Everytime we open a door a mob of them storm in. I just killed like twelve in the dining room. gross. Aaaanyway....I. Am. Working.!!!! I have a real live job and soon ill get a real live paycheck (its all but spent already though hehe) and this job goes at least through the end of january, i believe. So yeah and its good. People are nice. Not stressful at all except for that Ive never had to dress "office-y" before so i basically just spent my paycheck before I got it on new clothes. not that i mind buying new clothes hehehe. Not much else Ive got to say lately....except some bad stuff so i wont get into it. Mmm tomorrow is dinner at Grandmas...ALWAYS good...its my gramps' 80th birthday. crazy.
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