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i just wanna be wanna be loved

i am sooo tired my brain is like "huh?? what? stop bothering me..*rolls over and burritos up in the covers and goes back to sleep*" I think its because I ate so much the last few days my body is using up megawatts to turn it all into fat and it leaves nothing for me to use as brainpower. you know that little lightbulb above the head that lights up when you have an idea? even if i had an idea it wouldnt light up. it might like glow a little, flicker maybe, then it would fizzle out. Anyways since my lightbulb doesnt work i cant think of any good schemes to get me some Papa Roach tickets. As you know I love me some papa roach, and i loooooves me some mr dick. but someones dumb ass set them up to play at the SUNSHINE which is a small ass ancient theater on a street that is notorious for having zero parking. That aside, no one will go with me. my sis kinda wants to go but she doesnt wanna pay. I cant afford two tickets plus all the crap charges. PLUS you know you gotta buy a tshirt and sometimes a hoodie and usually at least two beers apiece. so it adds up. speaking of tshirts i was looking at their newer merch and there is an ORANGE tshirt that is way cool looking. and i want it. AND theres a hoodie with WINGS on it and you all know wings are my thing. i gotta restrain myself from the credit card usage. the visa bill came the same day as the paycheck and they were the same amount!! plus the christmas spending has commenced. as of friday. i spent a good hunk of change already and im not nearly done i still need to buy for both my parents, my sister, half my brothers present, my cousin whos name i drew, a neutral gift for the white elephant exchange, and something for the baby niece. oh and one more thing for melissa and joe i think. i want to get the baby a little lobos outfit but itll only fit her for like ten minutes. hmmm.actually i already got most of my moms present come to think of it. but i am stuck for ideas on the others. oohhh anyway i also got a haircut on wednesday. and you know whats freaky i didnt think of it when she cut it but later when i was combing it and it parted in the middle, and she had cut me these long bangs, and yeah i look eeerily similar to my X-23 action figure. you know if i lost 30lbs, put on green contacts and had metal claws coming out of my hands and feet......weird. yeah as long as i dont start looking like my Gambit action figure im ok. anyways im kind of excited for all the shopping but at the same time its frustrating. but yeah its fun too. wow when i started this i couldnt think of anything to say and now ive got a decent chunk of words here. sweet. *sniff sniff* does anyone else smell burned out lightbulb? :P
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