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An Unfortunate Loss

Oh geez I had a topic in mind for this entry and I cant even bring myself to start talking about it. Its too depressing. Then this will be one of those entries that is depressing and pathetic and sad and i do not want to dive into THAT deep end today. But oh man I cant even tell you how relieved I am at work I was working on this project for this person who shall remain nameless and it was so insanely disorganized it made me want to cry and kick and maim. Anyway my boss person decided that they needed me back on their side doing what I had been doing for the last month or so and pulled me off the crappy project. SO now I dont have to do the crappy one AND I dont have to work with the supernaturally annoying person that I share office space with, because they left the entire project to her. Lucky for THEM it is mostly past the point of the stuff she has no idea how to do that I had to do all of, and now she basically just has to get stuff to people in one piece. I cannot BELIEVE the things this person cannot do, I mean this is 2007 even if you have no arms and no legs and no eyes you should still be able to attach a file to an email. Especially considering the nature of our job. I use the word "job" loosely by the way, temping is BARELY a step above being unemployed. Bleh. As far as the end date for this job they said "the 28th and then we'll see" but i think really itd be the 2nd because they like to let you finish out the week. and then we'll see. Maybe another few weeks i hope. I hate this. Its like knowing you only have a month to live or something. Its crap. and theres no jobs. No jobs at all. What the FUCK am I gonna do. NOT go off the deep end at the moment no. FUCK that. BLAH. Okay Im gonna end this before it gets out of hand. BAH I dont want to end this like this ok. I ate a brownie today. mmmmmm. There thats a good note to end on.
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