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Start phasing in the crack.

So, it was very unceremoniously announced to me on Thursday that my last day would be Friday. Actually they tried to give me the boot then and there on Thursday morning because I had finished what I was doing, but then a few odd jobs turned up. The temp agency called within 5 minutes of me finding out the job was over because they heard it first and wanted to 'discuss another assignment' but I have not called them back, because I wanted to take this week off to get some errands done and in case that job started on monday i wouldnt even give them the chance to force me to turn it down. I dont want to have to call them though, so I hope they call me back like tuesday. I should call before then but I hate phone calls ive told them before EMAIL is the way to get a hold of me. So yeah anyway I have a bunch of crap to do this week, most of it has to do with the wedding I am a bridesmaid in on saturday. I have to pick up my dress from the seamstress, get my nails done, figure out my insane hair......i dunno should i get it cut, colored, how to comb it....I think someone is going to comb it for me the day of but still im freakin out a little. I also think I need a bit of a tan. I also have to go to the bank, go to the radio station to pick up the frisbee i won almost a month ago before its forfeited...and the rehearsal dinner on friday, gotta remember to pack a bag since im staying at the hotel on saturday, oh yuck and figure out how to do my makeup. i suck at makeup. and i have bad skin that definitely takes work to make photo-presentable. Geez all of this and no one is even going to look at me anyway. its all for the damn photos Damnit I also have to clean my car really good because I have to drive myself from the church to the Duck Pond for the pictures, and from there to the hotel for the reception, all while wearing 10lbs of pink dress.....I have no idea how that will work. I think I have to put all weight loss on hold because if I lose any my dress with fall right off. but after saturday i want to get really serious about it. I have a pair of pants that almost fits me but by my birthday im hoping they will be loose. Oh man I just want to get this whole next week overwith.
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