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I forgot to write here that im working again, at united way again. For like three weeks now. It SUCKS im working on the other side and they are so disorganized and jittery it freaks the hell out of me. But whatever I only work until 12:30 each day haha. I thought it would be great, id have half the day to go around doing whatever, i wanted to go to museums and the movies and stuff, yeah, no. I leave work, go to lisas house or the mall and then get home at like five and feel like i did nothing all day. Very strange. Anyway Im thinking about going to vegas if anyone wants to come let me know! Thinking about august 6-10 somewhere in there! but that might change! Oh man guess what I got a speeding ticket on friday! It was so shitty, I was gunning it trying to get up a hill on the freeway and i had barely got up to 75. Then i hit the top of the hill and coming down it started edging up over 80 even though i was off the gas pedal. but of COURSE the damn cop was midway down the other side of the hill waiting for speeders. And of course every other car there was going as fast as me but they always pick on the damn red car! So yeah that was eighty fuckin bucks. And I am like PRAYING it doesnt ever show up on my insurance (my other two never did). OH man i was so pissed. For like ten minutes then i kind of didnt give a fuck, which surprised me.
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