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There was a time when I posted here more than twice a month. Now its been since NEW YEARS since I posted. But Erin has inspired me with her blog about brooming. No...sweeping. Did I just say brooming? HA! Anyway I straight up got promoted today. Freakin sweet. I barely even have to do more work. I dont know what else to write about, really. Erin and I are discussing having a bikini wax. Neither of us has had one so we don't quite know how that would go down. So naturally our imaginations are running away with us. Soooooo I could really go for a snack right now. Like some Ben and Jerrys or some Coldstone....or some good coffee....and a banana chocolate chip muffin....or some cheese and crackers. Or some noodles. I think im hungry. i gotta go.
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