Kelly (holdingbeverage) wrote,

Livejournal, schmivejournal

I had to post because I am terribly proud of myself for getting back into my account. Terribly. Proud. I missed you livejournal, and your big empty page for me to fill with nonsense and things I want to say out loud but don't want anyone but Erin to read. Hmm. Two and a half years and I have nothing new to talk about. Ok how about these: I may have been involved in setting an unofficial world record for "Fastest Bean Dip Consumption by a Group". I learned to swim proper. I've taken up running and yoga. In the time I've "been gone" I spent a year and a half looking for a house, and now almost a year living in the one I found. Because I take my time. I can't be rushed. I'll do it when I'm damn freakin' ready.
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