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myspace is a cocksucking whore it erased two whole blogs i wrote fucking cocksucker. i blgoedd a whole fucking drunk blog and itgs gone. fuck i said everhting. abougt how watching papa roach divd made me all pumped and how it sounds better on surround souind and how love stinks coffee cups are cool and how i bought a cd and how reading sucks because i see words and leters backwards and how im drunk because i had lots of alcohol and how im singing loud but i dont care because theay arent my nebors because im housesitting and all sorts of things and how i banged on my knees and computer like a drum and they both hurt. and how im cold on my feet but not my arms when i was in bed yesterday. it was all very drunken and now its gone and im soberer than i was then and its ruined now. fuck.
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